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Mission Statement

“To be a catalyst for innovative change where young Polynesians fulfil on their ‘real’ potential”

We will know we are achieving this when:
Young people involved with YPT are achieving success in their chosen future
YPT are viewed as leaders in youth development, youth participation, and youth engagement
YPT are viewed as leaders in working collaboratively both locally, regionally, and nationally
YPT is the preferred provider when addressing ‘young, brown’ issues

We will undertake this mission by:

Providing mentoring and building capacity with young people to support their aspirations
Establishing and modelling best practice that is meaningful for young people
Promoting appropriate processes built on solid foundations of cultural diversity
Deconstructing stereotypes and redefining perceptions to reaffirm positive identity development
Developing and maintaining honest relationships locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
Utilising the Music, Arts, and Sporting sectors as appropriate vehicles for change for young people.