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Priority Populations
YPT acknowledges that while all young people are part of a National priority population, the focus of YPT work will be with Pan-Pacific or Polynesian young people.

Polynesian Young People
The YPT strategic direction remains focused on reducing inequalities for all Polynesian youth.  Please note that while Mäori is one of these ethnic populations, the term ‘Polynesian’ is more inclusive and enables us to take a wider, pan-Pacific approach.  YPT aims to develop and implement initiatives that will reach deep into Aotearoa as well as beyond into the wider South Pacific, it is important then to define a term that provides us with this capacity – we use the word ‘Polynesian’ to reflect all these cultures.

Contemporary and Urban
YPT is committed to delivering services to young people that are appropriate, relevant, and of interest to them.  Traditional concepts of culture and identity are key to the successful engagement of these populations, however when considering that many Polynesian youth in Aotearoa live in contemporary, urban settings a compromise must be reached.

Fundamentally, young people do not exist in a vacuum of traditional practice; but engage in contemporary society, including utilising contemporary activities to express themselves, their beliefs and their aspirations. Therefore by underpinning an urban approach with traditional practise we aim to give our target populations ‘the best of both worlds’.

Strengths-based Approaches

Youth Development Best Practice