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The Youth Performance Trust has clear commitment to a number of guiding strategies that provide direction for the way in which YPT conducts itself.  These guiding strategies are outlined below:


Te Tiriti O Waitangi

The Youth Performance Trust has adopted an approach to its work with Mäori that covers the delivery of strategies included in this document.  This approach means that YPT will deliver in ways that demonstrate Mäori are involved in the development of strategies for Mäori; Mäori are involved in the planning, development and delivery of workstreams; initiatives reflect Mäori values, concepts and practices; and, Mäori are represented on the Trust Board.


Reducing Inequalities

Reducing Inequalities is a core focus of the Youth Performance Trust.  YPT will ensure that:

  • Workstreams will reflect analysis on the root causes of inequalities including social, economic, cultural and historical factors
  • Material, Psychosocial, and Behavioural factors that mitigate the impact of the root causes will be considered as part of the planning process when developing workstreams
  • All services and project work will reflect specific actions to counteract inequalities
  • All services and project work will work towards minimising the  impact of inequality on the future aspirations of Polynesian youth

Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa

The Youth Development Strategy sets direction on how society can support young people to develop the skills and attitudes they need to take part positively in society, now and in the future.  The Strategy consists of four key principles.


Strengths Based Approach:
Consistent strengths based, youth development approach

Quality Relationships:
Develop skilled people to work with young people

Youth Participation:
Creating opportunities for young people to actively participate and engage

An Informed Approach:
Building knowledge on youth development through information and research

Through working with the Youth Performance Trust young people can gain:

  • A sense of contributing something of value to society
  • A feeling of connectedness to others and to society
  • Belief that they have choices about their future
  • Feeling of being positive and comfortable with their own identity

Source:  Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa (2002) Ministry of Youth Development.