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YPT has launched a new series of afterschool workshops for youth 8 – 13 years and based in Mt Albert.

“CODE ME” COURSE – Monday 4pm, limit 20
“MEDIA ME” COURSE – Monday – 6pm, limit 20
“THEATRE ME” WORKSHOP – Tuesday 4pm, limit 15
“CHOREO ME” TRAINING – Tuesday 6pm, limit 15

Coming soon – “INVEST IN ME” COURSE, a financial literacy course.

To enrol:

Email – info@ypt.org.nz

Phone – 09 376 8223

CODE ME” Computer Science Course

Computer Science, Coding and programming will be a huge part of society in the next 20 years. The young generation of today need to have skills in these areas, regardless of the industry they end up working in, when they become adults. Factory workers through to Lawyers or Doctors, every aspect of human life will involve computers and robotics and coding and programming will be running all this technology.

Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. It helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path.” Code.org

Course outline:

  • 20 hours – Course 2 – Beginners
  • 20 hours – Course 3 – Follow on from Course 3
  • 20 hours – Course 4 – Follow on from Course 4

The top 10 programming languages are:

  1. C Language
  2. C++ Language
  3. Java
  4. C#
  5. Objective C
  6. PHP
  7. JavaScript
  8. Python
  9. SQL
  10. Ruby


MEDIA ME” Course

Media Me is a multi media, video making course aimed at 8 – 13 year olds.

The course teaches children how to edit and film their own videos. Another important part of the course is uploading and using social media and Internet Safety Awareness.

In the past, generations have used writing, theatre and film to communicate and express their thoughts and feelings. Children today use videos and social media as a way of communicating and expressing themselves.

The 10 month course will teach them safe internet practises and how to identify dangerous interactions online. The course will teach all the basic digital media software and hardware, in the market place.

Course outline

  • Social Media Safety and Stranger awareness
  • Cyberbullying
  • Warning Signs
  • Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • Animation (After Effects)
  • Graphic Design (Photoshop)
  • Cameras (Smartphone and DSLR/Video Cameras)
  • Sound recording
  • Youtube and other video uploading and social media channel building


THEATRE ME” Theatre lessons and showcase

YPT is running a theatre lessons course for up to 10 children to be part of this years production of “Moana”. At the end of 10 months the children will put a showcase on for parents and the community.

Theatre is a good creative outlet for children, that does not involve computers and devices. PForm run a very successful theatre program throughout Auckland but the costs are too high for low decile or at risk children.

YPT offer a free 10 month course with a showcase at the end.

Why theatre is good for children:

  1. They’ll walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. When a child reads a character, they’re forced to think, why would he have made that choice? Empathy is one of the top personality skills necessary for strong corporate leadership later on.
  2. Theatre doesn’t tell you what to feel. Involving your kids in art makes them free to think, free to feel, and free to explore who they want to become.
  3. Theatre is great exposure to literature and history. Reading the stories can make connections between what is happening on the page, and what happens during the performance.
  4. Theatre is therapeutic. Singing, playing games, daydreaming, artistic expression and team activities are great stress relief strategies for children.
  5. Theatre provides the freedom to not be perfect. Be big, be loud, be silly! It’s about telling a story and having fun.”


CHOREO ME” Dance and Choreography Course

YPT offer a modern dance and choreography course for 8 – 13 yr olds. Over 40 weeks, children create and choreograph a 6min dance showcase based on a selected theme.

The 2017 theme is “Sugar Awareness”

The first stage of the course requires the children to discuss and design the key messaging, music, choreography, props and costumes.

The course/production allows up to 10 children between 8 – 13 years of age.

The production will be showcased at school assemblies around Auckland as part of a “Healthy Living” and “Sugar Awareness” education program.